THERE is lot of great product about to show your support for your club. As well as the official outlets there are a number of different retailers who deal with product for a specific club as well as those selling products outside the ground on matchdays.

But what about if one company brought a number of those individual club sellers under the same roof? The range of product would be greater and the amount of business being done could also have the effect of bringing prices down overall and the money from sales will go to fans just like you.

So who is going to bring people from those various clubs together and put them all under one roof? Step forward Kick Off Merchants.

Kick Off Merchants is group of these people from a disparate range of clubs. The latest list is Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Celtic, Rangers and Sheffield United – and it’s growing all the time with fans of Crystal Palace and West Ham already signed up as affiliate partners whilst Newcastle United and Leeds United will soon be joining the list. The products available aren’t limited to these teams (or even to football, some rugby products are available) and there’s plenty of national team product for those looking forward to the Euros.

The range of products that can be bought is very extensive already, and growing all the time. Scarves, Bar Runners, Coasters, Beer Mats, Flip Flops, Face Masks, Cushions, Mugs, Phone Covers, Note Books, Chopping Boards, Artworks, Flags, T-Shirts and Sweatshirts are all, available and with a variety of styles for each club  

Looking through the site is fun in itself even if you don’t actually buy anything – although I’m pretty sure you’ll find it hard to resist – and the different retro kits on display will surely bring back many memories for those who love their football nostalgia.

There are so many great products on the site that narrowing it down to a few favourites is hard – but I’ve tried!


I have to confess some personal interest here as the poster of Chelsea players as featured in my book ‘Blue Army’ is available, along with many other beauties a few of which you can see here.

My First Match Mug

Just supply the date and the match and Kick Off Merchants will produce one of these for you. They really are a great and lasting memento.

Flip Flops

Wear your colours – on your feet! Perfect for both beach and house wear and you can show off your favourite team, favourite shirt and favourite player – just by taking your flip-flops off!

Custom-Made Flags

Give Kick Off your design and they turn it into a beautiful flag. Ideal as we start getting back to supporting our team live.

Coasters – Beer Mats

As the weather warms up and we can have friends visiting again, these are perfect for showing off who you support and for stopping stains!

T-Shirts Sweatshirts

Some great, and original designs here, and let’s face it, we all like wearing our team on our heart!

All-in-all Kick Off Merchants is a brilliant idea. ‘Gav’ one of the main men behind the initiative believes it can grow to include fans of every club – from the Premier and the smaller clubs as designers and distributors from different  clubs can help ensure fans get the designs they want, and that more people get to know about it.

Are you interested in joining the Kick Off revolution? You can contact them at