The Legends Network is a unique immersive platform where millions of fans all over the world will be able to watch, and interact with, exclusive shows, webcasts, textcasts and audiocasts featuring their favourite clubs and players.

Every major professional sports club has millions of fans all over the world, hungry for information and keen to share thoughts and opinions with like-minded followers. These fans also have heroes among both current and former players. The Legends Network will give those fans the opportunity to chat with like-minded fans and ‘meet’ their heroes.

How it works
Fans subscribe to channels covering their favourite sports and teams. Channels provide a flow of entertaining content from our own editorial team, experts, journalists and the stars themselves. There will be a daily schedule of personality or subject-driven shows (text, video, audio). Eventually, fans will also be able to subscribe to a higher level of membership allowing them to take part live in shows.